What is Backlinks? How it helps for SEO?

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites. Each link from a web page can be viewed as a recommendation.The algorithm of Google is similar to scientific work. In scientific studies, various authors are identified who have written about a particular topic. The more often an author named, the higher its reputation.While still a quality factor must be taken into account. Quoting a recognized professor an author in a AAA-rated products, so that has a greater impact on the reputation of the cited author, as if a graduate student in a not very prestigious magazine these quotes.

Similarly with links from other sites. I get a backlink from a website whose reputation and trust is high, so this link gain a higher reputation than a link from an unknown forum, blog or website. The power link (link juice) is passed through a link on the linked website, the link provides an increasing relevance of website.

Topics Relevant Backlinks

It is important that back links from relevant websites, blogs, etc. take place. If I run an e-commerce website, bring me back links from the field of cooking is not really much success. At worst, can also cause damage such backlinks. Backlinks from so-called “bad neighborhoods” to move a website from the Google index worst-case scenario. An example are several links from pornographic or other dubious websites.

To build backlinks, you should run a detailed search and research topics related link sources and analyze.What are your key points of the Internet were multipliers? Who brings you not only a recommendation for Google perhaps relevant traffic to your web site? The only way you can make something independent from Google

How do I establish backlinks?

In order to push my website in Google search results, there are several possibilities. Depending on the competition, budget and importance of their own project you have to decide how to proceed. In most cases, one goes in link building in a gray area or some crack head straight into the Black Hat area.

  • Link Purchase

There are several sites where you can buy backlinks for small and big money. In addition, you can address topics relevant bloggers or website owners and discuss a link buying. Depending on the blogger or website owner can something backfire. Aside from violating the link to purchase the official Google guidelines and should therefore only be taken with extreme caution.

  • Link Exchange

When Link exchange can be exchanged for example with other topics relevant bloggers and website owners Links. Reciprocal linking, ie if A links to B and B back to A, have virtually no positive effect.Interestingly are here link networks of people who have multiple different blogs and portals. A link exchange is of course not welcomed by Google!

  • Including Links

To gain self backlinks in which one advertises its website on other forums, blogs or websites, is to a certain degree in order. I can fill my website in different catalogs, yellow pages or directories. Borderline is when posting comments on blogs or forum posts “anonymous”. But it is rumored, so something is done frequently;)

  • Linkbait

To get the best and most honest way to the left is the so-called linkbait (bait interpret). This one creates added value which is more or less voluntarily linked by others. One example is the Sweepstakes or real value-added content in the form of informative articles or funny videos.

Please note while link building

No matter what activities are pursued, there is a principle which must be strictly observed. Of course your link building needs work! Do not put them in a short time a large number of links. It is very normal, if you collect many links within a short time and only after a few get. Also important is the distribution of backlinks.

It is unnatural when you only have five backlinks come from strong sites. Something looks for Google to Link from purchase and you could neatly into trouble. No website is linked to only one of well-known websites.

My backlink Philosophy

For the backlink structure probably everyone SEO (search engine optimizer) has  his own philosophy.Because I want to see my clients even after several months even in the eyes, is the quality of the backlinks in the foreground for me. Backlink building is always connected for me with the creation of added value and, consequently, the question of what I can for users and potential customers have, so that they are satisfied and added value to other parts!


Article by : Shajee Fareedi

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