Facebook Marketing Services and Management

Social Media is all the rage, while the Internet portal Facebook is particularly popular. Facebook has billions of people worldwide a simple yet versatile communication possibility. Already have too many business people discovered the great potential of this platform and actively and successfully use different possibilities offered them Facebook marketing.

Determine Target Groups, Likes win

This Facebook marketing works specifically, the determination of the precise target groups is particularly important, this can be done eg with the help of e-mails or phone numbers. Define target groups – the means to address the people, which can be the customers of the company most likely. The number of Facebook users, the experience of the company continues to grow, it is worth the Fan Page to apply separately. Also offers Facebook Marketing an opportunity to individual posts for a while or to apply permanently. Flexible tools allow you to set a specific daily budget.

Social media, especially the Internet portal Facebook, give companies a great way to become known and to attract new customers. However, a thoughtful professional marketing strategy is required for success.

Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency supports its customers in Facebook marketing and offers the following services:

  • Creating an attractive fan page;
  • Definition of the target group;
  • Apply the page;
  • Care of Fan Page by targeted diversification of worth reading through contributions and integrating videos and images;
  • Administering sweepstakes and promotions;
  • Creating and supporting thematic sub-pages;
  • Monitoring the competition and controlling of all activities on the fan pages of the company.


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    Why Fan Page?

    The path to market success using Facebook begins with the creation of a Fan Page. It involves a specially decorated page that presents the business to the best advantage of the Facebook community. This page is an advertisement for the company on this portal. It makes sense, Fan Page to make corporate design, which guarantees the famous recognition effect is. The logo and a striking cover image are very helpful in this regard. Fan Page is of course more than one or two images. When Facebook makes it easy to create a whole picture gallery. A Contacts with key information about the company is also necessary.

    View, post, communicate - but how?

    A Fan Page lives of contributions the company posting it. If the Fan Page performs a shadow existence and no new interesting information provides the customer then uses this as an advertising medium not much. That is, new posts will be posted regularly and this should be interesting and entertaining for potential customers. Facebook marketing is used to make these sites attractive and worth reading. Video clips and photo show animations are a good way to loosen up a fan page. In addition, the monitoring of customer comments is important, a possible discussion must be beyond moderated. As a very useful means of Facebook marketing campaigns and competitions prove themselves.