Image SEO For Online Shopping Sites : How Important it is

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This time it is, however, a special type of search engine optimization: SEO-images.

Why you should optimize images for Google and Co. just and what that brings, I will explain below.

What brings images SEO?

That’s a good question. I myself have a website customers, who runs a Online Shopping Store. And he is always pictures (now a couple of thousand) of new Products on his website.

The traffic that comes from Google, is amazing and shows how important the meantime the image search has become the web.

This was confirmed in an interview about image SEO for my blog “self on the net”. He has 4,000 clicks per day for a Santa Claus image over the Christmas period.

Although this is of course an exception, so bring him a lot of pictures 5-10 clicks per day. In the crowd is worth it.

These observations are supported by concrete analysis. The Universal Search Google appears increasingly alongside normal search results matching Videos, News, Shop offers and give pictures . Images according to figures from Sistrix appears 22% of all Pakistan and USA search results.

Should not be forgotten also that Google also still has a well-used images and search visitors spend in Galleries much time, thereby increasing the time to visit and number of page views in your own blog.

Picture SEO Tips

All in all, plenty of reasons to take a closer look at the search engine optimization for pictures.

Although many bloggers have the images SEO so far been neglected, there is a good news. It’s not that hard to optimize their images for Google and Co..

The following SEO tips you should consider when their own images:

  • ALT attribute
    Each image should use the ALT attribute and there deposit the main keywords. <Img src = ‘…’ alt = ‘keyword 1, keyword 2’>
  • Filename
    Of course, the main keywords should also appear in the filename of the image.
  • Directory
    It also does not hurt to install 1-2 keywords in the path to the image. I use that at least partially. i.e: at the launch of HUAWEI ASCEND P6, a site like Buybranded is selling its Casings, I would create a sub-directory for the images, which reads as follows: “https://www.buybranded/:accessories/huawei-ascend-p6-back-case-rhombus/
  • Surrounding texts
    Of course, the text of the page should match the image. And now Google also analyzes how far the texts are away from the image. So next to the text or the caption keywords should also occur.
  • Page Title
    The title of a page is always very important. And that is also true for images SEO.


  • Insert text
    meantime Google can read text from images. Certainly not perfect, but it does not hurt when the main keyword again incorporates the image.


  • External Links
    And as it is with the search engine optimization so you should take care of back links to the pictures page or directly on the image.

If you put these measures has been very, done a great deal for a good ranking of your own pictures.

Unfortunately, that’s part of standard software not so easy. With WordPress however, there is no problem, which again brings a plus point for this software.

How to equip his blog with more pictures

The question now is: How can you equip your own blog useful with more pictures?

This depends among other things on the blog theme. Not all subjects play the same important role images.

Generally one can say that it definitely is a lot of potential in products. So you could perform product testing in our own blog and to incorporate a lot of pictures of the product.

But even with instructions and tutorials are offered at times to use a lot of images / screenshots.

Often, it makes sense also to use suitable Mood images to underline the mood of an article. Then most people do very well. One should, however, as almost always, be careful not to use any copyrighted material. Who can use own pictures, is usually on the safe side.

Or you can use a photo source , which is relatively safe.

However, there are next to other legal pitfalls for bloggers , that you should consider.


Picture SEO can bring a great deal and is actually quite good way to do. The important SEO factors you should be aware of and it is time routine, make his paintings optimal for Google.

Not one should also remember that the images loosen own blog and often provide a better user experience of readers.