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Search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing, SEM) is a branch of online marketing. It includes all marketing areas in search engines. Search engine marketing search engine advertising is between (Search Engine Advertising, SEA) and search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO distinction). Frequently SEM is also used as a synonym for search advertising. The primary goal of search engine marketing is a better discoverability in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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A distinction is made between the organic results, which are perceived on the left as “normal” results and advertisements purchased. They have a yellow background and are located on the right side and also at the top. They are called Google AdWords ™. They can be run on Google itself. Both the organic search results, and the AdWords undergo a ranking that is optimized with search engine marketing. It is important to know that both domains are completely independent of each other, and thus exert no influence on each other. Only through continuous work in the section of search engine marketing, placement will be held. This course also includes the permanent checking the page content, updates and adjustments. Our team specializes in search engine optimization in the organic field (SEO), but also leaves nothing to be desired in the advertisements (SEA) open. And often in both branches in search engine marketing can be combined.

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Through our years of experience in search engine marketing and specially developed programs at Crea8ivez, our team has the ambition and the related know-how to ensure a top ranking for your business. We are happy to come up with ideas in a search engine marketing on your own desires in order to provide you with quality, individual approach can. We keep a constant eye on the market to identify new trends early or to create any. This keeps your site more “up to date” – Because who does not move with the times, moving with the times.