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SEO on Google is a key issue to ensure the necessary traffic to your success. The SEO agency has proven itself with many customers.

SEO is an action within the period, the returns can vary from a few weeks to several months (results are not immediate) and must be part of a project iterative and incremental approach to reactivity compared to the first results. Anticipate and plan for this issue is the best way to ensure a sustainable future visibility with customers.

SEO support upstream (recommendations on the technologies to be avoided, drafting of specifications focused loads SEO advice on the tree and the principle of navigation, usability, internal mesh, etc …) when redesigning the website or development its site is guaranteed to have a SEO friendly site, optimized at launch, and allows cost savings.

Our strategy is to position yourself permanently, without trying to fool Google.

Beyond the necessary technical specifications that we implement, we support you in a visibility strategy in the long term.

Be accompanied by an expert SEO in its SEO goals .

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A Methodology for Sustainable SEO

A well-structured site, coded and optimized (Onpage).

Optimized management of relevant content .

A strategy for regular and planned publication.

A quality backlink subtly distilled (Offpage).

Cultivate a good synergy between the site and social networks .

We combine the best SEO techniques and web marketing to make yourself visible online and retention.

A New Era of SEO

If the listing has been viewed in the past as an accumulation of “stuff”, these practices are truly over. With a continuing evolution algorithm and filters to clean up its index ( Penguin , Panda ) Google today dictates rules that tend toward the obligation to establish a real communication strategy. Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency will guide you as much as possible while respecting the guidelines of Google to help you avoid the risk of penalty . We will combine technical and marketing to make yourself visible online and bring them back.

Different scenarios for your SEO

You Plan to Create your SEO Friendly Website

It is in this phase upstream of the creation of the site providing advice SEO will be most profitable. At Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency, We also providing SEO Friendly Website Design & Development Services. Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency will then work its optimization (code and content) to ensure you have the ideal tool for . positioning on Google Some actions can be performed even before the public opening: SEO blog, implementation of actions on the social networks.

You Plan to Optimize Website on First Page of GOOGLE

You did achieve your site, but traffic from Google does not match your expectations. It was probably designed without taking into account the requirements of SEO, or suffers from some shortcomings in terms of netlinking. Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency is able to achieve an SEO audit that will highlight the gaps in your site. This audit is associated with key recommendations for your road over the long term. Our SEO agency will work with you on the implementation of a strategy of high-value content. Then netlinking will enhance its visibility.


    SEO Marketing

    How Search Engine Optimization Benefits Your Business

    You just opened up your brand new website and you want to maximize the chances of getting traffic to it. What can you do? Well, the answer is simple: optimize it for search engines. However, many business owners don’t know where to start. This article will teach you how to optimize your website, what SEO fundamentals are, and what SEO basics you need in order to get maximum traffic from Google and other popular search engines.

    SEO Marketing

    How Search Engine Optimization Benefits Your Business

    In a nutshell, search engine optimization is all about ranking your site higher on Google and other popular search engines. Ranking higher means having a site that gets more visibility and interest from potential visitors. To do this, you need to make sure that your website looks great on search engine result pages (SERPs) and it has high-quality content. For example, if you have a website that has a lot of information on it but the information is not quite up to date or the web design is outdated, then it isn’t going to rank well for certain keywords.

    So how does SEO work? Search engines use algorithms to calculate which websites are relevant for specific keywords. When someone searches for a keyword online (for instance, "office furnishings"), they'll find websites relevant based on what their query is and how relevant they are for the term. If you want your website to show up in SERPs for the word "office furnishings," then you'll want to make sure your content is highly relevant for those searching around that term. You can optimize your content by using specific keywords in headlines, body text, and images as well as meta tags in order to get people searching around those terms to find your website. This will ensure that when someone types in a keyword related to your company's services or products, they'll see your site in their SERPs instead of someone else's who's irrelevant or lower quality than yours.

    The benefits of SEO are huge because search engines.

    What are the SEO Essentials?

    • – An SEO keyword strategy
    • – On-page optimization
    • – Link building
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    • – Social media optimization
    • – Search engine marketing (SEM)

    Maximizing Your

    Website’s Search 

    Engine Traffic through

    SEO Marketing


    Search engine optimization is a science. It’s not just a process that you do once and then you’re done; it requires time, effort, and commitment to be successful. However, if you know what you’re doing, the rewards will make all the work worth it. By optimizing your website for search engines like Google, you can get more traffic than ever before. On average, websites that are optimized for both natural search results and paid ads see 8-10x more traffic in comparison to those that aren't optimized. In addition to this, organic search results tend to outperform paid ads by 40% according to research.

    Optimizing your website will also improve your brand's online visibility and credibility in the eyes of potential customers. As a result of investing in search engine optimization (SEO), brands are able to increase their awareness among potential customers while increasing lead generation from organic searches on major search engines like Google.