Social Media Marketing Services

Its Time to Be Social!

At Social Media Marketing (SMM) today Impossible to miss more. This already shows a look at the numbers: Millions of users are active in social networks. 80% of 30- to 49-year-old Internet users regularly use the services of Facebook, Twitter & Co. It is the case of the under-30s even 96%!

All good reasons, in the area of social media in the future to invest more. Because with intelligent SMM They not only sell unique products and services but to make customers to long-term brand fans. Social media allows you to communicate directly with existing and potential customers. Especially in the long term social media marketing is thus an indispensable part of modern communication strategies.

The boy wonder, you are perfectly placed – especially when it comes to social media. Our offer includes:

Social Media Marketing means to develop more than just individual social media actions and implement projects as a lighthouse for us. Rather, it is to be verified in dialogue with our customers, to what extent social media can be established in Facebook & Co. as an integral part of marketing and where our customer can achieve within its corporate value chain the most success and benefit in social networks.


You are already active with your company in social networks – but no concrete plan? We’re here to help!


Social Media Guidelines define clear rules for companies and their employees to use social networks and the community. What is the company’s view politically correct? How quickly do I have to respond to user posts? How I personally can communicate as employees through social media? Social Media Guidelines specify a first direction, which must be constantly adapted to current conditions.


    We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences.

    Strategic Social Media Marketing in conjunction with social commerce can greatly promote the sales of products and services. To Social Media in the various phases of the purchase decision (need recognition, information search,

    Alternative evaluation, purchase decision) involve the customer in advance the right touch points need to be defined. Prodigy advise you to social commerce strategies, activities and campaigns that create the necessary acceptance today and in the future.

    Social Media Measurement

    In this sense, we try to determine specifically the goals and strategies of a social media campaign, campaign, or application on Facebook and other social networks. For this, we use today already many tools to measure success.

    Social Media PR

    Online media are becoming increasingly popular and play an important role in information retrieval. We provide Social Media PR Management and PR Building Services.

    Facebook Applications

    Facebook applications are a brilliant opportunity for successful and interactive marketing, But to enjoy its taste, Marketing is necessary! We are the best solution for this!