We support the creation of a custom layout for your website colors and image of your company. Your website will be installed on our own servers to guarantee high availability thereof as well as a high reactivity of us in case of problems. However, you can keep your own hosting if you already have one. We also offer to manage the integration of your content (text and images). At your wish, however it is possible to take a full course management and development of your website content.

Each step in the creation of your site will be subject to validation of your hand.

The site offers many additional measurement capabilities, we can add the following options:

  • The establishment of a monitoring tool of your visits.
  • Access to a tool for monitoring the position of your site based on keywords important and even a comparison with your competitor’s site.
  • An analysis of your site every month by Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency to correct various problems on your site that could penalize you in the search engines.
  • If you have other needs, contact the us, we will offer a solution.

Each of our websites are developed using CMS (content management system) which allows us to make the sites comply with W3C standards  , and change the content easily and quickly. The most used CMS by Crea8ivez, The SEO Agency  is the MODx CMS, but we also use WordPress and SPIP.